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Marketing and Leadership Insights With Julia Fitzgerald

Published by Spinutech on April 29, 2024


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Julia Fitzgerald shares her career journey
  • What is Julia’s definition of a midsize company?
  • Marketing strategies for midsize companies
  • Case study: a powerful marketing campaign that revived a struggling toy venture
  • An overview of AI's impact on marketing
  • Branding and marketing tips for nonprofit organizations
  • Mentors who helped Julia navigate the marketing industry
  • The value of podcasts, conferences, and networking in personal growth

In this episode…

Leadership and marketing are intertwined disciplines that play crucial roles in shaping the success of organizations. Can resilient leadership, fueled by a commitment to lifelong learning, drive impactful marketing initiatives and propel organizations toward success in an ever-evolving landscape? 

Marketing executive Julia Fitzgerald sheds light on the essence of effective leadership and its intersection with marketing strategies. With over 20 years of experience leading marketing initiatives, Julia believes effective leadership requires a blend of creativity, strategic vision, and a willingness to embrace change. As AI emerges as a game-changer in marketing, Julia emphasizes the importance of discerning genuine innovations from mere trends. By staying abreast of industry shifts and leveraging emerging technologies, leaders can steer their organizations toward sustainable growth and relevance in a dynamic marketplace. 

In this episode of the Growth Fire Podcast, Kevin Hourigan chats with Julia Fitzgerald, a seasoned marketing executive, about the intersection of leadership and marketing. They delve into Julia’s career trajectory, how industry leaders and mentors shaped her perception of the industry, marketing strategies for midsize companies, and leveraging emerging technologies efficiently.

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Guest Contact Details

Julia Fitzgerald is a seasoned marketing executive, board advisor, and author with over 20 years of experience in branding, digital transformation, and marketing strategies. Her expertise has consistently driven growth across various sectors, having served as the CMO of Build-A-Bear Workshop, the American Lung Association, and The AZEK Company, and as the Chief Digital Engagement Officer at Sears Holdings. A renowned public speaker on marketing and leadership, Julia is the author of Midsize, which shares success stories and strategies for marketing midsize firms.