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Leading the Boatbuilding Industry

Published by Spinutech on March 17, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ken Clinton’s background as a boatbuilder
  • Ken’s journey to becoming the president of Intrepid Powerboats
  • Tips for becoming a better leader
  • The average work week for an Intrepid employee and how Ken motivates them
  • Ken explains why he uses social media marketing
  • The importance of having mentors
  • How Ken stays inspired and motivated

In this episode…

Do you find fulfillment in enjoying sunny days on a boat floating in open water? Where can you purchase a boat that reflects your unique personality and provides the commodities you desire?

According to Ken Clinton, Intrepid Powerboats has continued to pioneer the boatbuilding industry since 1983. As a boatbuilder, he is fortunate to be part of the Intrepid team designing and building powerboats equipped with the latest features and technologies to deliver unmatched speed, fuel efficiency, and performance. His passion for the marine industry and dedication to leadership sets him apart from other experts in his field.

In this episode of the Growth Fire podcast, Kevin Hourigan sits down with Ken Clinton, President of Intrepid Powerboats, to discuss how he’s come to thrive in the boatbuilding industry. Ken shares his journey to becoming the president of Intrepid, provides leadership tips, advises leaders on how to motivate their team, and the benefits of social media marketing.

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Ken Clinton is the President of Intrepid Powerboats, the leading boatbuilder focusing on innovative designs, superior performance, and safety. Ken began his career in the marine industry immediately after graduating high school, working as a machinist manufacturing submarines for the U.S. Navy. In 1991, he was hired by Intrepid to work on the assembly line and continued to move up the ranks.