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Value-Added Marketing and Sales Growth With Laura Walmsley

Published by Spinutech on April 1, 2024

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Laura Walmsley shares her versatile career arc in sales and marketing
  • The importance of creativity and value-added solutions in sales
  • Laura reflects on her growth, challenges, and lessons from mentors
  • How Personify Health enhances people management through creative health and wellness services
  • Target market and go-to-market strategies for a health services company
  • Providing tailored solutions through data analysis and technological recommendations

In this episode…

For forward-thinking brands, providing value to customers is central to delivering quality products and services. It requires an in-depth knowledge of your audience’s pain points and creating meaningful experiences for them. How can you leverage consumer-centric marketing to build a strong brand community and scale? 

Having navigated the health services industry for over two decades, sales expert Laura Walmsley maintains the value of strategic creativity in conveying your product’s value to potential customers. She has discovered that business growth occurs when you understand a buyer’s needs and match solutions to them rather than trying to sell a product or service. Additionally, Laura prioritizes nurturing relationships with existing clients through data insights and recommendations, an approach that increased her company’s sales by 40% in a year. A winning marketing strategy entails balancing client needs with market trends and developing solutions that position your brand as a long-term partner. 

In this episode of The Growth Fire Podcast, Kevin Hourigan hosts Laura Walmsley, the Chief Commercial Officer of Personify Health, to discuss value-added marketing, leadership, and mentorship. Laura emphasizes creating diverse experiences for buyers, developing solutions for existing customers, and adapting creative marketing strategies to generate leads. She also shares her versatile career arc, the power of mentorship, and how she built her leadership skills. 

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Guest Contact Details

Laura Walmsley is the Chief Commercial Officer of Personify Health, a byproduct of the merger between Virgin Pulse and HealthComp. Personify Health is the industry’s first personalized health platform delivering health plan administration, wellbeing solutions, and comprehensive health navigation. In this position, Laura spearheads the company’s commercial go-to-market strategy, with responsibility for all client-facing teams. With 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and account management, Laura has held executive roles at Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, deploying game-changing solutions. She thrives on growth and is passionate about empowering others.