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How Peer Groups Influence Career and Personal Development With Matthew Connor

Published by Spinutech on August 15, 2023

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Matthew Connor reflects on his background and how it influenced his career path
  • How studying a foreign language correlates to learning software development
  • Matthew explains how the military prepared him for entrepreneurship
  • The relational benefits of joining formal peer groups
  • Who has influenced Matthew’s career journey?
  • Why Matthew’s podcast is the source of his inspiration

In this episode…

Whether you’ve graduated with a formal education or not, some of the most valuable lessons learned have been from peers. Peers can be a great source of learning, offering knowledge and experience through workshops, forums, and events.

Entrepreneur Matthew Connor shares that he didn’t obtain success on his own in his entrepreneurial journey. He found participating in peer groups offers advice, encouragement, and a sense of community — sharing in one another’s failures and successes. Business leaders face many challenges when trying to build a successful company. Learning from your peers is a valuable experience, helping you grow and develop. Additionally, peers are essential in providing feedback from a network of like-minded professionals.

Join Kevin Hourigan in today’s episode of the Growth Fire Podcast as he chats with Matthew Connor about the positive influence of peer groups. Matthew reflects on his background and military experience and discusses why his podcast is the source of his inspiration.

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Guest Contact Details

Matthew Connor, Founder and CEO of CyberLynx, began his programming career at 12 while working as a coder for his father’s company. His passion led him to develop his own company, which focuses on offering premium IT services — specializing in protecting growing businesses from ransomware.

CyberLynx, previously known as Your IT Department, continues to provide cybersecurity and professional IT and support services for expanding companies. Matthew is on a mission to assist business leaders in increasing their profitability using cutting-edge technology. He served in the US Army for 17 years as a human intelligence officer and received his bachelor’s in business administration and management from the University of Maryland Global Campus.