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“Work From Anywhere” Approach Helps Spinutech Team Members Lead Healthier Lives

Published by Spinutech on August 1, 2022

“Work From Anywhere” Approach Helps Spinutech Team Members Lead Healthier Lives

Meghann Anderson-Russell remembers all too well the feeling of being stuck in traffic after work and realizing she wasn’t going to make it to daycare before they closed.

The memory is burned into her brain. Her oldest daughter is six years old now, but at the time she was only six months old, which by extension means Meghann had been a mom for all of six months. And as she sat in her car that day, she broke down emotionally. She felt like a failure.

“It was a super low point in my life because I was really struggling with being a new mom and wanting to excel at my job,” Meghann recalls.

“The second time around was a whole other ball game.”

That’s because she was working at Spinutech the second time around.

Meghann’s second daughter was born six weeks premature and was forced to overcome a variety of medical hurdles through the first few months of her life. Meghann and her husband staggered their maternity and paternity leaves, respectively, so that his leave would start after hers concluded. But even after she returned to work, Meghann worked from home, where she could nurse her daughter as needed and even sneak in cuddles at lunch time.

When her daughter came down with an abrupt fever one day, Meghann was able to tend to her and rush her to the doctor, rather than having to sit in traffic for another emotional commute.

“The flexibility of working from home allowed me to be more productive as both a mom and a manager,” she says, explaining the positive impact of Spinutech’s flexible working arrangements. “It benefitted not only my time with my family, but also the work I performed.”

In talking to team members across Spinutech, it’s clear that while Meghann’s story may be unique to her, the benefits of Spinutech’s “Work From Anywhere” approach spread far and wide.

Putting the “Anywhere” in “Work From Anywhere”

A bedroom. A kitchen. A Starbucks. A hotel. An Airbnb. An airport. A beach. The list goes on.

These are all locations that Spinutech team members have converted into office spaces, either on a permanent or (in most cases) temporary basis. It’s almost become a competition to see who can have the most interesting backdrop on every video call.

But for most Spinutech team members, it’s been less about finding interesting places to work and more about having the freedom to go wherever their life takes them, without having to worry about being tethered to a physical office location five days a week.

“I've been able to stay connected with friends and family, which means the world to me,” says Taylor Fisher, a Sr. SEO Strategist at Spinutech. “My loved ones are pretty spread out, but I've been able to make it to my nieces’ and nephews’ birthdays in California and Missouri, take a girls trip with my mom and sister to Florida, spend a weekend in Rhode Island, and fulfill all my bridesmaid duties in Massachusetts.”

“I don't feel like I have to choose between my work life and my personal life because anywhere with internet can become my office.”

When Rachel Rockwell, a Content Strategist at Spinutech, found out that her sister had accepted a job in Durham, North Carolina, and was in need of a roommate with a solid credit score, she was able to uproot from Florida and move north without having to quit her own job.

“I've been able to split my time each month between Florida and North Carolina without having to worry about taking PTO or only staying for ridiculously short durations because I needed to be back in an office somewhere,” Rachel says, explaining how she now has the opportunity to keep her sister company and also see her family and friends regularly.

“Without the ability to work from anywhere, this would be impossible.”

Every conversation with team members at Spinutech about the impact of “Work From Anywhere” on their lives seems to come back to family. Being able to dictate their own work environment affords them the flexibility to go where they are needed and make family the priority it should be.

Bailey Bosson, Group Director of Digital Marketing, goes so far as to say she would never accept a position at a company that did not have a “Work From Anywhere” policy.

“Being able to combine our flex time and work from anywhere allows me to spend extra time with my immediate and extended family and friends,” Bailey says. “It lets me enjoy my kids’ activities and be present and involved. It also allows me to give my kids extended opportunities.”

Exploring the Benefits of “Work From Anywhere”

As much as Spinutech team members cherish the additional family time afforded to them, many will tell you that the benefits of the “Work From Anywhere” approach extend well beyond that.

Since she started working from home, Bree Koch, a Sr. Web Designer, believes she has effectively gained “an extra paycheck” in savings from not having to pay for gas and daycare.

“We are on track to own both of our vehicles, pay off my husband's student loans, and become debt free — besides our house — by next year,” she says proudly.

Chase Bougeon, a Paid Media Strategist, believes that flexible working arrangements gives Spinutech an edge in attracting the kind of talent it needs as the company continues to grow.

“Chances are the best workers for your business don't just so happen to be living within a 45 minute commute from your office,” Chase explains. “Work From Anywhere gives Spinutech a competitive advantage over agencies still stuck in pre-pandemic habits by allowing them to get rid of geography as a barrier to the best talent possible.”

“The secret to success isn't having 60 people sit in cubicles underneath fluorescent lighting.”

Not only does it allow Spinutech to tap into a larger pool of talent for recruitment, but it also helps retain team members like Brooke Vasey, an Account Supervisor. When her husband was offered a job in Austin, Texas, she was able to share in his excitement without any anxiety, knowing relocating from Des Moines, Iowa, wouldn’t mean having to find a new job.

Faye Haun, a Social Media Team Lead, also points out that being able to work from home allows you to keep the kind of company that makes for a positive work environment.

“I get to hang out with my dog all day,” she says, referring to her rescue pitbull, Stanley.

Whether you are looking to cut the commute out of your daily routine or keep closer to your canine companion, Spinutech’s “Work From Anywhere” approach means we may have a place for you. All you have to do is apply and see if Spinutech is the right fit for you.