Agricultural Marketing

Showcase your agricultural expertise and stand out from competitors with a well-researched digital strategy.

Strategic agricultural marketing drives lead gen.

Farmers, producers, and others in the agricultural industry face many unique challenges from changing markets, rising input costs, and more consumer pressure, but the industry remains as important as ever. You need a digital strategy that provides for your business so you can continue working to provide for others. A compelling website complements existing sales efforts by effectively telling your story and connecting you with a wide audience.

At Spinutech, we help agricultural clients increase brand awareness by designing compelling websites and providing multiple brand touchpoints to reach current and potential customers.

Increase Lead Generation

While traditional trade media factors into ag marketing strategies, when it comes to researching new products and solutions, customers are increasingly heading online for supplemental research. That’s why an attractive, authoritative digital presence is important. For agribusinesses, while your sales team is on the ground closing deals, a clean, user-friendly website is working on lead generation in the background. Our development and design teams work with you to understand your product and your target audience in order to create an intuitive, user-focused website that educates, informs, and helps fill your sales funnel.

Improve Brand Awareness

With an effective website as the foundation, strategic content paired with other digital marketing efforts works to increase brand awareness. A content strategy not only includes site content that is relevant to your audience and establishes your expertise in the field, but it also includes a distribution strategy, so you can share your knowledge far and wide with current and potential customers. Articles shared organically on social media channels or sent to specific groups of customers through email newsletters help keep your brand top of mind. 

Driven by Data

Your customer data is incredibly valuable. Integrating your CRM database with your website allows you to harness the power of your customer data by sending timely, engaging content to targeted customer groups. Easily add new leads into your funnel and nurture them along to conversion with marketing automation. Our strategists help you leverage your data by creating audience segments and relevant campaigns and then regularly monitoring, measuring, and adjusting in order to maximize performance.

Segmented E-Newsletter Sees Higher Open Rate

DSM Animal Nutrition and Health

By pairing their CRM database with an email marketing tool, DSM deployed quarterly newsletters to their partners with content segmented by species for maximum user relevance and engagement. By leveraging a well-known sender and providing customers with applicable content, the DSM newsletter saw open rates above industry average.

DSM Case Study

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