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Upgrading to Sitefinity 15 is Critical to Your Website’s Security & Support

Published by Spinutech on February 22, 2024

Do you know which version of Progress Sitefinity your website is running on?

Do you know which version of Progress Sitefinity your website is running on?

If the answer is anything other than Sitefinity 15, we need to talk.

Sitefinity, a feature-rich CMS platform, releases a version update each year. If your website was built on Sitefinity, upgrading to the latest version not only allows you to leverage the latest features and enhancements, but it also ensures you continue to receive security patches and technical support critical to the performance and upkeep of your website.

Why Upgrade to Sitefinity 15?

Progress Sitefinity recommends upgrading your version of their software at least once a year to take advantage of the latest features and functionality, performance improvements, and bug fixes. Most importantly, they encourage you to be proactive about upgrading.

Upgrading on a regular basis preserves the performance and security of your website. With each new software update Sitefinity releases, Progress sets a sunset date for the previous version. When a version of Sitefinity is sunset, websites running on that version no longer have access to technical support. No further product updates or security patches will be issued for that version, either, leaving your website susceptible to potential security vulnerabilities.

For example, if your website is currently running on Sitefinity 14.0, you are no longer eligible to receive enterprise support from Progress as of September 2023.

Additionally, the greater the gap between versions of Sitefinity, the more work will be required to get your website up-to-date, which could in turn raise the cost of upgrading.

Upgrading is a necessary step to safeguarding your most valuable digital asset.

Sitefinity Version Life Cycles

Why Partner with Spinutech to Upgrade to Sitefinity 15?

Long story short: We know what we’re doing when it comes to Sitefinity websites.

Spinutech, a premium web development agency, has been a Sitefinity Premier Partner for more than 10 years and we’ve been designing and developing websites for twice that long. Just last year, two of our websites received Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards. Our team also routinely performs Sitefinity version upgrades and our expertise with the process allows us to find efficiencies with each new upgrade we perform.

Upgrading is essential to the ongoing security, performance, and functionality of your Sitefinity website. It’s not a task to be entrusted to inexperienced hands.

Contact Spinutech today if you need to upgrade to Sitefinity 15 and ensure your website continues to perform ahead of your competitors.