Promote your brand on the social network that keeps more than 2.7 billion people connected each day.

Increase your organic reach while growing your community. 

Facebook has evolved into a versatile digital marketing tool that can be used to drive results directly to your business. 

Facebook Blueprint Certified

At Spinutech, all of our social media strategists have completed the Facebook Blueprint Certification. We stay up to date on the latest algorithm updates to ensure your social media strategies are aligned with Facebook’s current best practices. We provide strategic recommendations that help you achieve your business goals.

With paid social media content on Facebook, you are able to target specific audiences that you wish to reach. Facebook works by using advertising or boosted posts and you have the power to control budget, targeting, placement, and more.

Organic Facebook Posts

Organic posts can help drive strong business results. Creating relevant content that your audience welcomes in their newsfeed is one of the main goals of our social media strategists.  Using Facebook best practices and audience insights, our team create organic strategies that are enjoyable,results-focused, and help meet your unique business goals.

Creating a Great Community

The difference between a good and a great social media strategy lies within community and reputation management. We focus on fostering community to help fuel all parts of the marketing funnel. Facebook’s recent algorithm update prioritizes meaningful engagements and content that fuels conversation. Our social media team is skilled at the five key stages of social media community management.

  • Acquisition and Content Validity
  • Customer Service
  • Crisis Management
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

We work with you to help develop appropriate tactics for each stage that align with your brand voice and business objectives

Spinutech is Now a Meta Business Partner

Spinutech is proud to be a badged Meta Business Partner, a designation reserved for digital marketing agencies that demonstrate excellent service and technical skills utilizing Meta’s platforms -- including Facebook -- to plan, launch, and manage campaigns with more than $8 million in annual spend.

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