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Dealer & Franchise Marketing

Grow your franchise's client base and drive quality web leads to your locations with a full suite of data-driven digital marketing strategies.

Franchise marketing attracts new customers and drives sales.

Growth is essential to any business, but especially critical for dealer and franchise networks. The very nature of your business is to expand, establishing extensions of your brand — throughout the country and, in some cases, across the globe — that are locally operated and often owned. But with growth comes more responsibility, and managing your marketing efforts can be difficult. You need a partner that can develop data-driven digital marketing strategies to move your business forward and build a best-in-class digital presence for your brand across the board.

At Spinutech, we understand that quality web leads and conversions are critical to your business, and take a research-based, data-driven approach to improving the visibility of your brand and capturing the attention of consumers who are in the market for your products and services.

Increase Quality Web Leads and Conversions

Industries have evolved over time, but the value of quality leads remains the same for every dealer or franchise network. With traditional marketing efforts proving less effective at engaging younger target audiences, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can open new doors for your business. From executing on-site optimizations and developing search-driven content to executing ongoing enhancements to your Google My Business (GMB) listings, Spinutech utilizes data-driven tactics to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive conversions to your local franchise or dealer locations.

Web Development for a Better User Experience

Improving your search visibility helps more consumers find you, but what happens once they get there is too important to be left to chance. You need a website that offers visitors a simplified and user-guided purchase experience. Spinutech can conduct a performance analysis of your site and help you redesign it to follow best practices in site structure, URL structure, content, and UX optimization for increased performance. Not only that, but our website platform also enables franchise networks to effectively manage their overarching brand while providing individual branches or dealers with the flexibility to customize their sites based on their local markets.

Research-Based Content Strategy

When you have a network of individual branch or dealer websites, differentiation is key. Duplicating content across multiple websites can have a negative impact on the search engine rankings of each site. We develop fresh content covering topics that match the search intent of potential customers and differentiate it by conducting geographic research. The more localized the content, the more appealing it is to customers in a branch’s service area. The ongoing development of customized content is critical to capturing customers during the awareness and consideration phases of the sales funnel.

Efficient Spend of Your Paid Search Dollars

Developing a paid search strategy can be especially difficult for franchise networks. Each branch is unique and comes with their own set of challenges. It takes a team that can build relationships with the stakeholders at each branch and gain insight into their pain points to develop and implement an effective and efficient strategy. Spinutech believes in working smarter when it comes to ensuring efficient spend of every dollar invested in paid search campaigns, which provide insights that can be applied throughout the network. Managing paid media across the network allows us to execute testing of messaging or bid strategies in select markets that, after proven, can then be franchised out to the full set of dealers or franchisees.

Online Reputation Management

Take control of your business reputation across all locations. Online customer reviews are especially important to the success of your branch or dealer locations, impacting their local search visibility and affecting the decisions of potential customers or even potential partners interested in becoming a member of the franchise. To take a more proactive approach to reputation management, we help monitor what your customers are saying about your brand overall or at the individual dealer level on all online review sites, alerting you to new reviews and providing guidance on how to respond.

DIGITAL marketing strategies

Smart tactics for building a best-in-class digital presence.

Generate more leads for your franchise with these web and digital marketing strategies.

Paid Media

Increase your visibility with a smart search engine marketing strategy.


Engage new and existing customers with authoritative and insightful web content.

Web Design

Keep visitors on your website with an innovative and intuitive web presence.

Email Marketing

Connect with buyers in a more personalized manner through an engaging email cadence.

Our strategies drive your results.