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Senior Living & Long-Term Healthcare

Create a brand that is trusted by families, healthcare professionals, and more with smart digital marketing strategies for your senior living and long-term care facility.

Long-term healthcare marketing assists you in helping those who need it most.

As long as populations continue to age there will be a need for long-term care facilities. From capturing new residents and recruiting nurses and other staff members to showcasing in-home care services, your website needs to be able to perform multiple functions. The first step to a helpful website is understanding your audience and what they’re looking for in a caretaking service. A strong website paired with smart digital marketing strategies will increase brand awareness and generate leads, showcasing that your organization is a great place to work and reassuring your audience they and their loved ones are in good hands.

At Spinutech, we work with you to create a holistic digital strategy that connects your organization with future residents, staff, and stakeholders.

Find Qualified Candidates 

In a competitive industry that can see high turnover, the importance of caring, qualified candidates can not be understated. Paid media efforts and conversion rate optimization aid in generating a worthy talent pool to help you grow your staff. Target the specific demographics and interests of your ideal candidates through paid media marketingConversion rate optimization of your website and campaigns is guided by data gathered over time and adjusted to drive long-standing results. We work to understand your recruitment needs, whether it be for on-site staff or in-home care providers.

Senior Living Website Design

A well-designed website showcases more than just beautiful imagery of your communities and services. Websites that are driven by design research ensure that information is easy to find, no matter which generation is visiting your site. A proper website taxonomy helps your website surface in search results for a wider variety of user queries and makes your website easy to navigate, so whether your visitors are looking for a new home or a new job they can find what they need. We create websites that are responsive and ADA compliant to make sure no one is limited from gaining the information they need to access your services. 

Create a Community with Content

It’s important to create a brand that is trustworthy and feels like family. When looking for a retirement community, long-term care facility, or in-home service provider, families want to put their loved ones in the hands of care givers they trust. Creating content that connects with your audience is key to building the reputation and authority of your organization and increasing brand awareness. We optimize your digital content to better reach your specific audience while helping you rank in search results. Staying active and sharing content through social media channels is another way to connect with your audience. Developing an online persona that resonates with your audience will help point seniors and their families in your direction and increase referrals.

DIGITAL marketing strategies

Digital tactics present a golden opportunity.

Create community and results with these web and digital marketing strategies.

Paid Social Media

Reach friends and family of current and prospective residents with a paid social media plan.

Local SEO

Help your facilities and in-home services surface in local search results with an optimized online presence.


Recapture visitors and regenerate lost leads with remarketing efforts.

Our strategies drive your results.