Nonprofit Marketing

Improve your online presence with an enhanced nonprofit website and digital marketing strategies.

Digital solutions that work with your mission.

When it comes to managing your nonprofit, we know you’re wearing many hats. It’s important to have a website and digital marketing tactics that work with you. From fundraising and annual event registration, to volunteer management and marketing your nonprofit, a focused online presence helps make your day-to-day easier so you can focus on what really matters: your mission.

At Spinutech, we work to understand your mission and the passion behind it in order to create effective, on-brand solutions for your organization. 

Nonprofit Web Design

A website that is trustworthy, confident, and engaging supports your mission and helps advocate for your cause. Informed by design research, web design best practices, and your goals, we create nonprofit websites that are easy to use and accurately reflect your organization and values. Through A/B testing and conversion rate optimization, we can further understand user preferences and behavior to refine the layout of a page, craft compelling calls to action (CTAs), and optimize key CTAs like online donations and event registrations. 

Strategies that Spread the Word

Digital marketing draws attention to your cause, increasing visibility and brand awareness, and ultimately helping you reach fundraising goals, attract volunteers, and meet additional KPIs. An SEO strategy helps you understand how your audience is finding your nonprofit and works hand-in-hand with a content strategy. Strategic content that informs and advocates for your mission is easily distributed through multiple channels — including social media platforms and email marketing campaigns — for the widest reach. 

Streamlined Processes

Volunteers and annual fundraising events help keep the programs at the heart of your organization running. Custom integrations simplify the process of recruiting volunteers and soliciting donations. Built-in features enhance the user experience and save you time on lengthy business processes. Our web developers work to understand your needs and create functionalities that are unique to your organization. Custom functionalities like an event calendar, registration form, or online payment processing make it easy for users to complete desired tasks.

Featured Clients

Spinutech is proud to partner with local and national nonprofits to make a difference in the lives of others in Iowa and beyond.

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