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Journey Mapping

Your customers’ experience is more complicated than you might think.

Your customers are getting lost on the path to conversion.

Journey mapping is about figuring out where they might be straying from the path.

Like all maps, a journey map is designed to give you a lay of the land. It illuminates your sales process from the customer’s perspective, charting their path across all of your brand’s touchpoints.

The insights gleaned from a journey map can be used to simplify your customers’ journey and make it easier for them to engage with your brand.

swtting up a roadmap
presenting a roadmap

Journey mapping is about charting your customers’ experience.

Expectations, prepare to meet reality. Because your perception of what your customer journey is may stand in stark contrast to their actual experience. But the truth can be a powerful asset.

Identify and address pain points in your customers’ experience

Once you understand how your customers are moving through your sales funnel, you can optimize their experience. By removing obstacles in their journey, you are creating a clearer path to conversion.

Better coordinate your marketing efforts

Even with a map, you’re never going to get anywhere unless everyone is rowing in the same direction. Journey mapping helps your sales, marketing, and other teams understand their roles in the sales process and makes it easier to collaborate.

Predict customer behavior based on patterns

Journey mapping is as much about the customer as it is about the experience. It can lend insight into which of your customers are more likely to convert, allowing you to tailor the experience based on their anticipated needs.

developer presenting roadmap
presenting a roadmap

Map-making happens to be one of our favorite activities.