Viral Marketing

Content that users want to share with others has the potential for exponential growth, leading to increased brand exposure and influence.

Increase brand awareness with viral marketing. 

So named for the rapid, virus-like way in which content spreads from person to person, viral marketing is content that takes on a life of its own, helps spread brand awareness, and can lead to increased sales. When done right, a viral marketing campaign can be a cost-effective and less invasive way to reach a wider audience.

Viral marketing happens organically. While we help your brand create a smart social media post or video, ultimately, it’s your audience that spreads viral content. A well-crafted strategy is essential to any campaign, however, and there are certain factors to keep in mind that contribute to a viral marketing campaign’s success.

Know Your Platform

Viral marketing is all about putting out the right message on the right environment at the right time. Social media makes it easy to share and create a conversation around the content you like, but identifying which platform to use is an essential part of a strategic plan. We’ll help you determine which social media platform will get you the most traction among your target audience and then craft a message specific to that platform. 

Know Your Audience

A thorough understanding of your audience is key. A message that really resonates with your target audience is far more likely to get shared than one that falls flat. We gain insight about your casual fans and dedicated followers through analytics and social listening and then use that information to craft a message that they’ll care about.

Messaging Matters

Digital content can go viral for a number of reasons, but it’s usually because that content is either entertaining or informative. Whether you want a campaign based around a holiday or a business-specific event, we’ll use data about your target audience and work with you to create a well-timed message with a purpose.

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