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Create short, loopable videos made for memes, hashtag challenges, and viral brand reach.

The mobile-video app puts your brand in front of an untapped audience. 

TikTok lets fledgling content creators record, edit, and share short, looping 15- to 60-second videos. With a huge music library and assorted filters and visual effects, TikTok defines a particular mobile-video aesthetic: Real, smile-inducing, and totally rewatchable.

Authentic Content with a Sense of Humor

From low-stakes dance moves to TikTok challenges, the snappy video app levels the playing field. And TikTok’s algorithm (which relies heavily on its own personalized recommendations) is keyed into keeping users coming back for more. 

Right now, fewer than 5% of marketers use the social video app. But with capabilities like in-feed advertising and branded effects, it’s only a matter of time before that number takes off. 

And Spinutech is here to help you find your voice — and audience — on TikTok.

Together, we identify opportunities to leverage your business goals for organic and sponsored TikTok content designed to engage new and existing audiences, give an inside look into your brand’s culture and values, and even show off the cheekier side of your organization.

TikTok & Ads

A branded account is Step One for kickstarting your organic TikTok reach. We can help manage and create your in-app content, while providing meaningful metrics and analysis to continue to grow your engagements.

To bolster your organic reach, Spinutech manages sponsored opportunities, too. Advertising options are rolling out across the platform, and you can even tie these to other cross-channel campaigns. 

With a branded TikTok account, you can sponsor a homepage takeover, or a prelude to the user landing on your page or hashtag challenge. When the TikTok app launches, brand takeover ads capture a wider audience before turning into an in-feed ad. You can use direct links and order buttons to land users right where they need to be for a one-click conversion.

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are usually organic (and viral), and your brand can opt to participate whenever you feel it’s right. Or, we can help develop your own hashtag challenge to put your brand front-and-center.

Branded Effects

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, brands can also sponsor visual effects. Lenses and effects can be 2D, 3D, or even augmented reality (AR). Our in-house design team can help develop the perfect effect to show off your brand’s voice and gather a goldmine of user-generated content.

Digital Strategy

Use TikTok to enhance your overall digital marketing mix.

A solid social media strategy peels back the brand curtain and builds one-to-one connections with your audience. Keep them engaged and coming back for more with an aligned digital presence.

Email Marketing

Continue nurturing relationships while inciting action with a thoughtful email marketing strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Continuously test and improve your website performance to provide users with the best experience possible.

Personas & Audience Segmentation

User insight is key to conversions, and expert segmentation informs a full-funnel strategy.

Our strategies drive your results.