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5 Ways to Get Your Paid Media & Marketing Automation Working Together

Published by Spinutech on June 21, 2024

Paid media and marketing automation collabs to boost ROI

Milk and cookies.

Sweaters and scarves.

Paid media and marketing automation.

All go well together  — though that third one is going to raise a few eyebrows. It’s not at all uncommon for different digital marketing tactics to work hand in hand, but paid media and marketing automation is not what you’d call a natural pairing.

It’s a shame because the two tactics can help each other (if you know how). Not only can they help each other, but the cross-collaboration also benefits your bottom line. Strengthening the ties between your paid media and marketing automation strategies increases their overall effectiveness and maximizes the ROI from the marketing dollars you’re investing.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities, here are five places to start.

1. Segmentation & Personalization

There is a lot you can learn about your target audience from your paid media campaigns — and those insights can be leveraged elsewhere in your digital marketing. User behavior data and demographic information sourced from your campaigns can be used to segment email lists, for example. This would help you develop highly personalized email campaigns that are more relevant to each segment, improving engagement rates and conversions.

2. Behavior-Triggered Email Automation

Another common crossover between paid media and marketing automation is the integration of insights from paid media campaigns to trigger specific email workflows. For example, if a user clicks on a paid ad and visits a product page but doesn't make a purchase, this action can trigger a follow-up email with additional information or a discount code to encourage conversion.

3. Holistic View of the Customer Journey

Understanding the customer journey is important, no matter which tactics you’re utilizing as part of your digital marketing strategy. By integrating data from both your paid media and marketing automation, you can have a holistic view of how users interact with various touchpoints, enabling better optimization of both channels to serve cohesive and contextually relevant messages.

4. Predictive Analytics

Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to predict future consumer behavior based on their past interactions with emails and ads can help in preemptively creating more effective media buys and email campaigns that cater to probable needs or interests.

5. Dynamic Content

Both paid media and marketing automation can utilize dynamic content that changes based on a user’s behavior, geographic location, or their stage of the customer lifecycle. The more personalized and relevant the customer is to the consumer, the more likely they are to engage and convert.

You Can Start Here — But Don’t Stop with Paid Media & Marketing Automation

Cross-collaboration between digital marketing tactics is so critical to success. If the cogs of your strategy can all work together, your results are going to bear the fruit of those efforts. The opportunities outlined here to connect your paid media campaigns to your marketing automation solutions are only scratching the surface in terms of how to optimize your marketing.

If you’re ready to bust your digital marketing tactics out of their solos, let’s chat.