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How a Google Premier Partner Benefits Your Ad Strategy

Published by Spinutech on March 24, 2023

How a Google Premier Partner Benefits Your Ad Strategy

Google needs no introduction. It’s the most popular search engine worldwide, so there’s no doubt that including Google Ads in your digital marketing strategy is a smart investment. Google Ads essentially delivers the solutions you offer directly to a searcher’s virtual doorstep, helping you hone your paid media efforts through ad targeting, tracking, and campaign management.

Anyone with a credit card can set up a Google Ads account and run a campaign, but doing so successfully takes much more than a piece of plastic.

It takes an experienced professional to run a Google Ads program that drives revenue without blowing your budget — especially if you lack the bandwidth or marketing expertise to optimize your paid ads. Google’s ever-evolving features make it that much more challenging to keep your advertising strategy current. This is where choosing a Google Premier Partner can help. 

What is a Google Premier Partner?

The free Google Partners program enables individuals and companies to receive official recognition as a Google Ads expert. Through this program, partners can access a variety of certifications, resources, insights, reports, and more to maximize their client’s efforts on Google Ads.

Google Partners receive a badge that certifies them as a Google Partner or a Premier Google Partner. For the basic Google Partner badge, an agency only needs one certified expert managing $10,000 quarterly with solid performance. To earn the coveted Google Premier Partner badge, a digital marketing agency must have the expertise to handle the biggest ad budgets and outperform the competition.

Potential Premier Partners are also measured against: 

  • Google Ad campaign performance
  • Client retention and growth
  • Annual ads spend across accounts 
  • Their ability to maintain and grow their client’s customer base 
  • Delivery of overall ad revenue 
  • Their ability to meet the higher spend requirement across your accounts

While many businesses can become a Google Partner, only 3% of Google Partners are recognized as Premier Partners.

How Google Premier Partners Keep Your Ad Strategy Current 

Google is constantly making changes and rolling out new features — which can be extremely challenging to keep up with. The best way to get ahead of the curve is by choosing a partner that’s dedicated to keeping up with these changes for you. 

Premier Google Partners gain access to product betas in order to get familiar with Google’s latest capabilities before they’re rolled out to the general public. They have monthly training meetings and in-depth educational events with their Google team to stay up to speed with these new releases, learn from their expertise, and get an extensive understanding of Google’s capabilities. 

When looking for a digital marketing agency to manage your marketing needs, find one that has Premier status to guarantee you have the highest level of expertise on your side. 

Benefits of Choosing a Google Premier Partner

Google places higher standards and expectations on its Premier Partners. After all, it’s putting the Google name behind the agencies and experts charged with managing digital advertising programs. That means a few perks for us, but more importantly, several advantages for you.

Digital Marketing Experts Trained by Google

Our digital strategists know all things Google. They’ve passed Google training programs in a variety of specializations to earn their own individual badges — certifications showcasing their skills and expertise.

These aren’t just one-time certifications, either. Our team members take continuing education every year to renew their certifications. That means we’re always up-to-date on the best practices in digital media and the latest products and features developed by Google.

Maximize ROI

Paid advertising campaigns are a great way to reach your audience. Putting your paid media dollars in the right hands will maximize your benefits. Google Premier Partners are experts at all the little things that make an advertising program successful — choosing the right keywords, optimizing ads, A/B testing, analyzing results, and refining your strategy.

A Google Premier Partner has separated itself from the vast competition online by continually generating conversions and increasing revenue. They can help you do the same.

Proven Performance

Premier Partners are recognized for their ability to help their clients achieve (and sustain) successful Google Ad campaign performance and growth. We manage significant quarterly advertising spends that are directly reviewed and approved by Google.

And those spends must lead to results. Our campaigns must convert at a higher rate, meaning we have to constantly monitor the quality and performance of ads to make sure they consistently lead to revenue growth.

Choosing a Premier Partner guarantees their ability to help you succeed and ensures you’ll be able to get the most out of that partnership. 

Direct Support

Google Premier Partners have direct access to a personal Google support team that’s dedicated to their accounts. Because of this, Premier Partners are able to streamline collaboration with their Google team to help you achieve results much more effectively.

What’s more, this direct access to Google streamlines the process when issues arise — from payment problems to pursuing trademark infringement against competitors and more. Escalating support issues and getting a quick solution from a true Google team member saves valuable time, money and energy while giving you the confidence to know that it’s taken care of.

Exclusive Access to Google Products and Insights

Google trusts its Premier Partners to get the most out of your advertising dollars, so they provide additional tools to ensure that success.

To help its Premier Partners stay at the top, Google offers exclusive access to workshops, training sessions, special events, industry research, beta programs, product updates, and Google support. We always have the latest and greatest insights from Google to inform your campaigns and improve your results.

Choose Spinutech as Google Premier Partner 

Spinutech has been named a Google Premier Partner seven years running and is proud to be among the small percentage of Google Partners to earn that distinction. Our team of digital marketing and paid media experts are Google Ads and Google Analytics experts. We have access to exclusive campaign features and a dedicated Google Partner Agency Team to help us optimize your campaign strategies. 

Contact Spinutech today to discuss how we can help grow your business through our Google Premier Partnership.