Our “U Day” Scrapbook

Our “U Day” Scrapbook

Published by Spinutech on April 15, 2022

Jenny using her U Day
Jenny on vacation.

Jenny Fordyce

(Account Supervisor) spent a long weekend in Mexico with her husband – their first kid-free vacation since their second child was born.

“I was able to disconnect and truly relax for the first time in a long time. The sun and spicy margs also helped!”

Shane using his U Day
Shane in Puerto Rico.

Shane Klein

(Project Manager) took a trip to Puerto Rico with friends.

“This vacation had an enormous impact on my mental well-being. It was stressful leading up to it and stressful coming back to a pile of work, but I felt sharper, and felt I had a more clear sense of internal direction upon my return.”

Maggie using her U Day
Maggie out skiing.

Maggie Boesen

(Social Media Team Lead) spent her “U Days” in Breckenridge and Vail with her husband and a few of their friends.

“We enjoyed skiing and snowboarding, great food and drinks, and each other’s company!”

Luke Will
Luke visiting Joshua Tree National Park.

Luke Will

(Paid Media Strategist) took a trip to Palm Springs with his girlfriend, visiting Joshua Tree National Park and hiking the Indian Canyon Trail.

“It was so nice to be able to take time away from work without cutting into my PTO hours. It was a relaxing vacation and I felt rejuvenated when it was time to come back to work.”

Sarah using her U Day
Sarah with family in North Carolina.

Sarah Mueller

(Sr. Content Strategist) and her family visited her brother in Durham, North Carolina. Her children had not seen their uncle in person since January 2020.

“I felt reconnected with my family.”

Summer at Harry Potter World.

Summer Bondi

(Account Supervisor) and her husband went to Orlando and spent a day at Harry Potter World.

“My husband and I both had the opportunity to do something we have always wanted to do, mentally unwind from the pandemic, and spend some much needed time with each other! We came back from our trip completely refreshed.”

Britany fishing.

Britany Miller

(Web Designer) spent her “U Days” in Florida fishing on Lake Tohopekaliga, and also went to the Daytona 500.

“It allowed time for me to disconnect from work and enjoy a trip out of state with warmer weather.”

Lydia in San Francisco
Lydia in San Francisco.

Lydia Pavach

(Account Supervisor) visited her childhood best friend in San Francisco, including a day trip to Sonoma together for wine tasting and shopping.

“I felt as though I was able to actually mentally disconnect, be present with my best friend, and really enjoy a break.”

Frani eating pizza
Frani eating pizza in Texas.

Frani McDermott

(Talent Coordinator) visited an old friend in Austin, Texas, while accompanied by a couple of other friends. They explored the city, went paddle boarding, tried new coffee shops, and enjoyed fantastic food and drinks.

“These ‘U Days’ were the perfect opportunity for me to recharge and disconnect. It felt great to intentionally take time away from work and turn off those email notifications for a few days.”

Chris with his family in Chicago.

Chris Witt

(Sr. Web Developer) spent three days in Chicago with his family, including a trip to “The Office Experience” and Lou Malnati’s for what he believes is Chicago’s best deep dish pizza.

“It was great to get away after my initial month at the new job and spend some quality time with my family. These kids won't be kids forever!”

Taylor in Montana.

Taylor Boyenga

(Sr. Account Manager) spent her “U Days” with two of her closest friends from college. They visited her in Montana, where she was able to show them around to her favorite places and catch up with them.

“My ‘U Days’ gave me a chance to fill my cup and spend valuable time with people I love, and that allowed me to come back to work recharged with a positive attitude.”

Sarah at Top Golf with her brothers.

Sarah Westholm

(Digital Designer) took a trip to Phoenix with her family. They spent lots of time hiking, reading by the pool, and paid a visit to Top Golf.

“I loved getting to spend quality time with my parents and brothers and escaping the cold Iowa weather was a bonus!”

Christine with her son in Chicago.

Christine Sedlacek

(Sr. Project Manager) spent time with her son while he was home from college for spring break, including a mother-son day in the city of Chicago.

“These extra days gave me the opportunity to truly enjoy what would otherwise have been an ordinary day and an opportunity lost. Instead it was a precious memory-making day with my son.”

Jared in Costa Rica.

Jared Greenbaum

(Sr. Social Media Strategist) took a trip to Costa Rica with friends.

“I was able to take a fun trip with friends without burning my remaining PTO, making it less stressful deciding which trips for the year I could and could not go on.”

Bailey skiing in Denver.

Bailey Bosson

(Group Director of Digital Marketing) spent a day skiing with her family in Denver before making a trip to Phoenix with 20 other elementary school families.

“And I went to my first — and hopefully last — NASCAR event.”

Delaney in Montana.

Delaney Spaid

(Social Media Strategist) went to Bozeman, Montana, with her husband, where they visited the hot springs and he performed a stand-up comedy set at Last Best Comedy.

“I am extra grateful for the time Spinutech gave us to relax and take in the simple but most meaningful things in life, like spending time with your family outside of work.”


Jeff Moving
Jeff moving.

Jeff Harris

(Sr. Front-End Developer) and his wife used his “U Days” to finish packing up their home, help the movers empty it out, and then get the house closing done.

“It was a relief to be able to take care of such stressful issues without having to worry about work. I was able to disconnect and get everything done efficiently without counting on a holiday.”


Bree celebrated kids' birthdays.

Bree Koch

(Digital Designer) was able to spend more time with her husband, celebrate both of her kids’ birthdays, declutter and organize her basement, move her grandma into her new home, and train and snuggle her family’s new puppy.

“It was such a great time to disconnect and recharge. I loved being able to be with my family for the whole week of Spring Break not thinking about work. So grateful for those couple days.”

Torie at Disney.

Torie Hoffman

(Content Strategist) went on a trip to Disney World with friends.

“Experiencing an entirely new locale again after years of not traveling because of the pandemic was incredible, and getting to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays alongside my spouse's birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth was so much fun.”


Kurt fishing.

Kurt Marks

(Sr. Paid Media Strategist) explored the Florida Everglades on a fishing expedition.

“It reignited my love affair with fish and helped me get off my devices to connect with nature!”


Kate in Paris.

Kate Baranowski

(Talent Strategist) went to Paris, France, with her cousin for her birthday.

“U Days allowed me the opportunity to recharge in a different and fulfilling way. Being able to disconnect while having family time in a new setting was an invaluable use of time.”

Wesley ripping open his chest.

Wesley Attaway

(Paid Media Strategist) had a bit of a “stay-cation” and spent time with his family, going to Museum of Science & Industry, rollerblading at the roller rink, and bowling.

“These were very valuable and definitely served their purpose. I was able to make myself take my mind off of work for more than just a two-day weekend, which was a much (more than I realized) needed break!”


Rachel on vacation.

Rachel Demmer

(Team Member Support) visited Marco Island. She was able to chill on the beach, go for hikes and bike rides, and eat so much delicious ice cream.

“It allowed me to slow down and think about life and not work.”


Shannon hitting the slopes.

Shannon Murphy

(Social Media Strategist) took a family ski trip to Park City, Utah, where they hit the slopes, raced around on snowmobiles, relaxed at the spa, and ate good food.

“The U Days allowed me to spend a whole week skiing and connecting with family and friends and still have plenty of time to vacation later this year. Also, because of the support of my team, I was able to fully disconnect from work and not worry about anything.”

Tigh on a fishing charter.

Tigh Bakker

(Data & Analytics Strategist) and his wife went to St. Pete Beach with two of their best friends and spent a night in downtown Tampa. One day he and a friend even went on a six-hour fishing charter.

“It was really nice to have a chance to get away and spend time with friends! Without the "forced three days in a row", I'm not sure we would have planned something like this. I'm very grateful!”

Benjamin in Charleston.

Benjamin Youngblade

(SEO Strategist) took a road trip to South Carolina to see historical landmarks and explore Charleston.

“We spent a couple nights on this quiet farm outside of the city in an AirBnB. It was the best way we could have recharged. There were farm cats that came to our door every morning and we were surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Work was not on my mind one bit during that trip and it was incredible!”

Nadia went to Hawaii with her sister.

Nadia Hamdan

(Sr. CRO Strategist) took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, with her sister. Some of their favorite parts were walking around Waikiki, hiking to Lulumahu Falls, watching the Hawaiian sunsets, and eating giant burgers on the beach. 

“I was most definitely able to disconnect and recharge. This was great — because by the time I got back to work, I felt ready to give 200%. Mental breaks are absolutely wonderful, especially when working in front of a computer for multiple hours of the day.”

Kristin with her family at Great Wolf Lodge.

Kristin Simpson

(Sr. Project Manager) spent two days at Colorado Springs Great Wolf Lodge with her family before spending one day with her husband in downtown Denver.

“It was great to spend time with family and the extra time with the hubby without kids. It was something so needed that we haven’t been able to do in a long time.”

Brooke and her family in Mexico.

Brooke Vasey

(Account Supervisor) went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with her family. She spent every day reading on the beach and drinking margaritas.

“It was absolutely wonderful and a great way to disconnect and recharge.”